Complications of Borderline Personality Disorder


About complications: Complications of Borderline Personality Disorder are secondary conditions, symptoms, or other disorders that are caused by Borderline Personality Disorder. In many cases the distinction between symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and complications of Borderline Personality Disorder is unclear or arbitrary.

Complications list for Borderline Personality Disorder: The list of complications that have been mentioned in various sources for Borderline Personality Disorder includes:

Complications of Borderline Personality Disorder: There is a high rate of self-injury without suicide intent, as well as a significant rate of suicide attempts and completed suicide in severe cases. Patients often need extensive mental health services, and account for 20 percent of psychiatric hospitalizations. Yet, with help, many improve over time and are eventually able to lead productive lives. 1

1. excerpt from Borderline Personality Disorder: NIMH

Last revision: July 1, 2003

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