Causes of Brainerd diarrhea


Cause of Brainerd diarrhea: Despite extensive clinical and laboratory investigations, the cause of Brainerd diarrhea has not yet been identified. Although it is thought to be an infectious agent, intensive searches for bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens have been unsuccessful so far. The possibility remains that Brainerd diarrhea is caused by a chemical toxin, but no such toxin has yet been found. 1

Untreated water has been implicated in several outbreaks and unpasteurized cow’s milk has been implicated in one. 2

Cause details for Brainerd diarrhea: In the original Brainerd outbreak, raw (unpasteurized) milk was implicated as the vehicle for disease transmission. Contaminated and inadequately chlorinated or unboiled water has been identified as a source of Brainerd diarrhea in several other outbreaks. For example, illness was strongly associated with drinking untreated well water in theHenderson County outbreak. Persons who drank the same water after it was boiled did not get sick. Contaminated water was also implicated in the Galapagos Island outbreak. The diarrheal illness does not spread contagiously from one person to the next. 1

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