Sudden Death


Nothing is more frightening than the idea of suddenlying dying. However, sudden death can occur from numerous possible medical conditions. Death can occur suddenly without symptoms, or can occur from a medical disease with symptoms that progresses rapidly.

Sudden death without symptoms: Some of the most frequent causes of sudden death from medical conditions sometimes without any preceding warning symptoms or only a short period of symptoms are the obvious ones such as heart attack and stroke. Another lesser known but still frequent cause is aneurysm.

Sudden death from rapid disease progression: There are various medical conditions that cause symptoms, but can rapidly lead to death. Some examples would be appendicitis (ruptured appendix), meningitis (e.g. meningococcal disease), poisoning, drug overdose, medication adverse reaction, and many more. Flu is a dangerous disease in some cases, mainly for the elderly, infants, infirm, or chronically ill.

Sudden death from dangerous events: Obviously, death can arise suddenly from accidents such as car accidents. Various causes of accidental death include car accidents, falls, firearm injury, workplace accident, pedestrian accident, and many more types of accidents. Sudden death can also occur from homicide or suicide and these are both quite prevalent in the USA.

Sudden death from medical errors: Receiving medical care can be dangerous in many cases. There has been much analysis of the number of deaths caused by medical errors. Death involving medical care may arise from medication errors, surgical errors, anesthetic errors, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, and various other causes. Note that some level of risk is inherent in all types of medical care, treatments or medical procedures, and these deaths are not necessarily due to medical malpractice or a breach of the standard of medical care. See also medical mistakes, types of medical mistakes, misdiagnosis, medication errors, and nosocomial infections (infections caught in a hospital).

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