Basic Summary for Gynecomastia


Main name of condition: Gynecomastia
Other names or spellings: Male breast enlargement, Enlarged male breasts, gynecomaestia

What is Gynecomastia?
  Brief description of Gynecomastia: Enlarged male breasts
  Parent types of Gynecomastia: Breast conditions, Adolescent conditions, Male-only conditions
  Organs Affected by Gynecomastia: breast
How many people get Gynecomastia?
  Prevalance of Gynecomastia: 15 million - 15% of adult men to some extent (unreliable estimate)
  Prevalance Rate of Gynecomastia: approx 1 in 18 or 5.51% or 15 million people in USA [about data]
Who gets Gynecomastia?
  Patient Profile for Gynecomastia: Mostly teenagers in puberty; also in older men; sometimes younger adult men.
How serious is Gynecomastia?
  Prognosis of Gynecomastia: Excellent physical prognosis, mainly just social embarrassment. Often reduction after puberty.
What causes Gynecomastia?
  Causes of Gynecomastia: see causes of Gynecomastia
What are the symptoms of Gynecomastia?
  Duration of Gynecomastia: usually 6 months to 3 years (i.e. after puberty settles down)
  Symptoms of Gynecomastia: see symptoms of Gynecomastia
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Gynecomastia: see treatments for Gynecomastia
Last revision: May 28,2003

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