Prevention of Hepatitis B


Prevention list: Methods of prevention of Hepatitis B mentioned in various sources includes those listed below. This prevention information is gathered from various sources, and may be inaccurate or incomplete. None of these methods guarantee prevention of Hepatitis B.

Prevention statistics for Hepatitis B: The following are statistics from various sources about the prevention of Hepatitis B:

  • 90% of children aged 19-35 months were vaccinated for Heptatitis B annually in the US 2002 (National, State, and Urban Area Vaccination Levels Among Children - US, 2002, NCHS, CDC)

Prevention of Hepatitis B: Prophylactic treatment for exposure to hepatitis B virus involves either hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG), hepatitis B vaccine, or a combination of both. The HBIG dose equals 0.06 mL/kg. Efficacy ranges from 70 to 95 percent for different types of exposure.

Exposure Treatment

1. excerpt from Vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B: NIDDK

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