Risk Factors for Hepatitis B


About risk factors: Risk factors for Hepatitis B are factors that do not seem to be a direct cause of the disease, but seem to be associated in some way. Having a risk factor for Hepatitis B makes the chances of getting a condition higher but does not always lead to Hepatitis B. Also, the absence of any risk factors or having a protective factor does not necessarily guard you against getting Hepatitis B. For general information and a list of risk factors, see the risk center.

Risk factor list: The list of risk factors mentioned for Hepatitis B in various sources includes:

Risk factors discussion: Injection drug users, people who have sex with an infected person, men who have sex with men, children of immigrants from disease-endemic areas, people who live with an infected person, infants born to infected mothers, health care workers, and hemodialysis patients. 1

High-risk populations

  • People with multiple sex partners and those who have been recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Sex partners and household contacts of HBV carriers.
  • Men who have sex with men.
  • Household contacts of adoptees from countries with high rates of hepatitis B.
  • Injection drug users.
  • Travelers to countries with high rates of hepatitis B (staying longer than 6 months).
  • People with occupational exposure to blood.
  • Clients and staff in institutions for the developmentally disabled.
  • Patients with chronic kidney failure (including those on chronic hemodialysis).
  • Patients receiving clotting factor concentrates.
  • Inmates of long-term correctional facilities.

Risks factors for Hepatitis B: medical news summaries: The following medical news items are relevant to risk factors for Hepatitis B:

1. excerpt from Viral Hepatitis A to E and Beyond: NIDDK
2. excerpt from Vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B: NIDDK

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