Complications of Infant Cytomegalic virus


About complications: Complications of Infant Cytomegalic virus are secondary conditions, symptoms, or other disorders that are caused by Infant Cytomegalic virus. In many cases the distinction between symptoms of Infant Cytomegalic virus and complications of Infant Cytomegalic virus is unclear or arbitrary.

Complications list for Infant Cytomegalic virus: The list of complications that have been mentioned in various sources for Infant Cytomegalic virus includes:

Complications of Infant Cytomegalic virus: An estimated 6,000 babies each year develop life-threatening complications of congenital CMV infection at birth or suffer serious consequences later in life, including mental retardation, blindness, deafness, or epilepsy. Investigators supported by NIAID are currently studying how the virus interferes with normal fetal development and at which stages the fetus is most susceptible to infection. Congenital CMV is the most common cause of progressive deafness in children.1

1. excerpt from Other Important STDS, NIAID Fact Sheet: NIAID

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