Basic Summary for Klinefelter syndrome


Main name of condition: Klinefelter syndrome
Other names or spellings: XXY males, XXY syndrome

What is Klinefelter syndrome?
  Brief description of Klinefelter syndrome: Rare chromosome XXY syndrome.
  Parent types of Klinefelter syndrome: Sex chromosome conditions, Intersex conditions, Y Chromosome Disorders, X Chromosome Disorders
  Organs Affected by Klinefelter syndrome: chromosome, x chromosome, y chromosome, sex chromosomes
  Types of Klinefelter syndrome: XXXY syndrome
How many people get Klinefelter syndrome?
  Incidence (annual) of Klinefelter syndrome: 1-in-500 to 1-in-1000 male births (NIDCD)
  Incidence Rate of Klinefelter syndrome: approx 1 in 500 or 0.20% or 544,000 people in USA [about data]
Who gets Klinefelter syndrome?
  Gender Profile for Klinefelter syndrome: Males only.
How serious is Klinefelter syndrome?
  Complications of Klinefelter syndrome: see complications of Klinefelter syndrome
What causes Klinefelter syndrome?
  Class of Condition for Klinefelter syndrome: genetic sex chromosomal
What are the symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome?
  Symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome: see symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome
Can anyone else get Klinefelter syndrome?
  Inheritance of genetic conditions: see details in inheritance of genetic diseases.
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Klinefelter syndrome: see treatments for Klinefelter syndrome
Last revision: May 30, 2003

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