Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis


Treatment list for Multiple Sclerosis: The list of treatments mentioned in various sources for Multiple Sclerosis includes the following list. Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in treatment plans.

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: medical news summaries: The following medical news items are relevant to treatment of Multiple Sclerosis:

Treatments of Multiple Sclerosis discussion: There is as yet no cure for MS. Until recently, steroids were the principal medications for MS. While steroids cannot affect the course of MS over time, they can reduce the duration and severity of attacks in some patients. The FDA has recently approved new drugs to treat MS. The goals of therapy are threefold: to improve recovery from attacks, to prevent or lessen the number of relapses, and to halt disease progression. 1

Some medications such as beta interferon are helpful to people with the intermittent form of multiple sclerosis.2

The drug baclofen is used to suppress muscle spasticity, and corticosteroids help reduce inflammation. Interferons also are being used to treat this disease. 3

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