Medical News Summary: Allergy risk higher in babies born by cesarean


About: Allergy risk higher in babies born by cesarean
Date: 21 December 2004
Source: Daily News Central
Author: Ron Gara
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Daily News Central): A study involving 865 infants has found that the risk of allergy or diarrhea increased in those who were born by cesarean as opposed to a vaginal delivery. 17% of the babies were born by cesarean. Cesarean was four times more prevalent in women who had had a previous cesarean. The results indicate that babies born by cesarean were more likely to have diarrhea by the time they reached one and were twice as likely to be sensitive to cows’ milk and five of the common food allergens. This is probably because a cesarean changes or postpones the bacterial colonization of a baby’s stomach which is necessary for development of an immune system response. Babies obtain their mother’s vaginal, intestinal and perianal bacteria during the course of a vaginal birth. Colic or dermatitis prevalence did not differ for those born via the two different ways.
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