Medical News Summary: Antidepressants affect tamoxifen activity in some women


About: Antidepressants affect tamoxifen activity in some women
Date: 5 January 2005
Source: Medical News Today
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Medical News Today): Tamoxifen is currently used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancers as well as a preventative measure in those at high risk of the disease. The drugs efficacy varies amongst women. SSRIís are frequently prescribed in women taking tamoxifen in order to treat hot flushes associated with the drug. Researchers have found that some SSRIís can alter the activity of tamoxifen. By carefully analyzing how SSRIís interact with certain enzymes in different women, it may be possible to determine which women will benefit more from tamoxifen in combination with which SSRI.
Related Disease Topics: Breast cancer, Hot flushes (see Flushing)

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