Medical News Summary: B12 deficiency can be serious


About: B12 deficiency can be serious
Date: 27 October 2004
Source: Newswise
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Newswise): There is rising concern that current tests for B12 deficiency are not sensitive enough. The can have serious consequences considering that B12 deficiency has been linked with dementia, peripheral neuropathy and spinal cord disease. It is believed that 20% of elderly people are deficient in B12 for which treatment is a simple table taken daily. B12 deficiency is often misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis as they can both have symptoms such as pain, vision problems, gait problems and their MRI’s may also be similar. The abuse or use of nitrous oxide found in “laughing gas” anaesthesia and in whipped cream dispensers has also been proven to be associated with B12 deficiency.
Related Disease Topics: B12 deficiency, Dementia, Peripheral neuropathy, Spinal cord disease, Multiple sclerosis
Related Symptom Topics: Vision problems, gait problems

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