Medical News Summary: Heart failure sufferers improve dramatically with stem cell therapy


About: Heart failure sufferers improve dramatically with stem cell therapy
Date: 26 January 2005
Source: Medical News Today
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Medical News Today): For the first time, a minimally invasive surgical technique was used to insert a patientís own stem cells into the heart through 4 tiny cuts in the chest. All other treatments for the condition had failed. The procedure resulted in dramatic improvement in heart functioning. No major complications or side effects were noted with the procedure. This treatment is considered optimal for the approximately 40% of heart failure patients who canít undergo a heart bypass because their condition is not due to coronary blockages. 15 patients were involved in the trial and the results ranged from some improvement to dramatic improvement compared to patients who simply received injections of their own blood serum. The methodology of the activity of the stem cells is still a mystery but it is felt that the stem cells may turn into heart muscle cells or turn into cells that encourage blood vessel growth.
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