Medical News Summary: Life expectancy varies between men and women


About: Life expectancy varies between men and women
Date: 16 December 2004
Source: The Australian
Author: Natasha Robinson
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Australian): Men have a lower life expectancy rate than women but married men have a higher life expectancy than single men. Men in Australia have an average life expectancy of 78 years compared to 83 in women. Single people are nearly twice as likely to die in any given year compared to married people. Aboriginal men have an average life expectancy of 58 years compared to 65 years in aboriginal women. Men in Australia are 4 times as likely to commit suicide as women. Suicide rates have decreased over the years due to increased awareness and treatment of depression which is a crucial suicide risk factor. Infant mortality has dropped by 50% since 1987. 28% of all Australian deaths in 2002 was due to cancer but nevertheless, cancer deaths have fallen by 10% over the past decade. In comparison, 15% of Aboriginal deaths was due to cancer.
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