Basic Summary for Periodic Paralyses


Main name of condition: Periodic Paralyses
Other names or spellings: Periodic Paralysis

What is Periodic Paralyses?
  Brief description of Periodic Paralyses: Short episodes of muscle weakness.
  Parent types of Periodic Paralyses: Genetic Disease
  Organs Affected by Periodic Paralyses: muscles
  Types of Periodic Paralyses: Hypokalemic periodic paralysis, Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis
How serious is Periodic Paralyses?
  Prognosis of Periodic Paralyses: The prognosis for the periodic paralyses varies. Chronic attacks may result in progressive weakness that may persist between attacks. Some cases respond well to treatment, which may prevent, and in some instances reverse, progressive muscle weakness. 1
What causes Periodic Paralyses?
  Class of Condition for Periodic Paralyses: genetic
What are the symptoms of Periodic Paralyses?
  Symptoms of Periodic Paralyses: see symptoms of Periodic Paralyses
Can anyone else get Periodic Paralyses?
  Contagion of genetic conditions: generally not; see details in contagion of genetic diseases.
  Inheritance of genetic conditions: see details in inheritance of genetic diseases.
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Periodic Paralyses: see treatments for Periodic Paralyses

1. excerpt from NINDS Periodic Paralyses Information Page: NINDS

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