Misdiagnosis of Social phobia


About misdiagnosis: When checking for a misdiagnosis of Social phobia or confirming a diagnosis of Social phobia, it is useful to consider what other medical conditions might be possible misdiagnoses or other alternative conditions relevant to diagnosis. These alternate diagnoses of Social phobia may already have been considered by your doctor or may need to be considered as possible alternative diagnoses or candidates for misdiagnosis of Social phobia. For a general overview of misdiagnosis issues for all diseases, see Overview of Misdiagnosis.

Alternative diagnoses list for Social phobia: For a diagnosis of Social phobia, the following list of conditions have been mentioned in sources as possible alternative diagnoses to consider during the diagnostic process for Social phobia:

Social phobia as an alternative diagnosis: The other diseases for which Social phobia is listed as a possible alternative diagnosis in their lists include:

Discussion of diagnosis/misdiagnosis of Social phobia: Although this disorder is often thought of as shyness, the two are not the same. Shy people can be very uneasy around others, but they donít experience the extreme anxiety in anticipating a social situation, and they donít necessarily avoid circumstances that make them feel self-conscious. In contrast, people with social phobia arenít necessarily shy at all. They can be completely at ease with people most of the time, but particular situations, such as walking down an aisle in public or making a speech, can give them intense anxiety. Social phobia disrupts normal life, interfering with career or social relationships. For example, a worker can turn down a job promotion because he canít give public presentations. The dread of a social event can begin weeks in advance, and the symptoms can be quite debilitating. 1

Misdiagnosis cases for Social phobia: No cases available yet.

1. excerpt from Phobia: NWHIC

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