Basic Summary for Suicide


Main name of condition: Suicide

What is Suicide?
  Brief description of Suicide: Taking one's own life or attempting to do so.
  Parent types of Suicide: Death, Adolescent conditions
  Organs Affected by Suicide: body
How many people get Suicide?
  Incidence (annual) of Suicide: 29,199 annual cases of actual suicide in 1999 USA (NVHS Sep 2001)
  Incidence Rate of Suicide: approx 1 in 9,315 or 0.01% or 29,200 people in USA [about data]
  Incidence of Suicide: The 1998 age-adjusted rate** was 10.4/100,000, or 0.01%1
How serious is Suicide?
  Average life years lost for Suicide: 33.8 years (SEER)2; 36.6 in North Carolina3; 29.2 average YPLL/person for suicide in Michigan4.
  Deaths for Suicide: 29,199 annual cases in 1999 USA including 16,599 by firearm (NVHS Sep 2001)
  Complications of Suicide: see complications of Suicide
What causes Suicide?
  Causes of Suicide: see causes of Suicide
  Risk factors for Suicide: see risk factors for Suicide
What are the symptoms of Suicide?
  Symptoms of Suicide: see symptoms of Suicide
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Suicide: see treatments for Suicide
  Research for Suicide: see research for Suicide
Society issues for Suicide
  Hospitalizations for Suicide: 132,253 cases in America 2002 (CDC, 2004)

1. excerpt from Suicide Facts: NIMH
2. SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2000, National Cancer Institute (NCI)
3. Years of Potential Life Lost in North Carolina, NCMJ March/April 2002, Volume 63, Number 2
4. Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics, MDCH, Michigan, USA

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