Symptom: Orange skin

Orange skin: Orange coloring of the skin
Introduction: Orange skin coloring can result from various disorders. One common cause is overeating of dietary items that contain orange-colored beta-carotene (e.g. pumpkins, carrots) and this often causes orange skin from carotenemia in young infants newly introduced to solids. True orange skin color needs to be differentiated from yellow skin (such as jaundice), bronze skin (see hyperpigmentation), red skin, dark skin or other skin color changes; some causes of skin described as "orange" may possibly be listed under these areas. There are various possible causes of orange skin and any "orangeness" needs prompt professional medical investigation.
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    Symptoms related to Orange skin: redness (48), blueness (33), cyanosis (33), dark skin (21), hyperpigmentation (9), skin color changes (129)
    Orange skin type of: Skin color changes (129)
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  • Carotenemia ... orange skin


  • Hemochromatosis ... bronze skin


  • Jaundice ... bronze skin

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